Flight Intelligence API

The Flight Intelligence API provides you with a complete package of flight data and claim validation tools that can be integrated in your claim intake process and can be used for your web intake form or in your backend claim handling system. This tool will allow you to identify viable claims at an early stage of the claim process.


Through this API we offer an automated gateway to our worldwide Flight intelligence database and our 261/2004 claim advice knowledge. With a success rate of over 92% on claim advices we offer you the tools to be successful in your business. The Flight Intelligence API is a secure interface and will only require non privacy sensitive information from your system.


This API construction will allow you to give your clients, employees, insurers or passengers a correct and fast advise on their flight delays or cancellations. The product can be white labeled and completely integrated in to your system and website, this will allow you to provide detailed flight advice under your own brand. Because the advice given by the API
is based on the Regulation 261/2004 it is possible to immediately filter the claims that are invalid and your system will not be polluted by baseless claims.

If you are interested in this product, you can request a test account.


What‘s in it for you?

  • Receive immediate advice for your clients
  • Assists in avoiding invalid claims
  • Flight data and validation integrated into your website


More information?
Do you want more information about the Flight Intelligence API? Please contact us via the contact form or email us via info@lennoc.com.

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