Flight Analyser 261

The Flight Analyser 261 gives you direct access to our database and flight intelligence system and gives you the possibility to search for specific flight data in the search engine.


With this product you can look up the following information:

  • A flight specific search
  • Option to search based on route airport to airport
  • Country to country
  • Specific airline search
  • Airport to airport distance calculation
  • Flight status searchWeather reports arrival and departure location
  • Airport incident analysis
  • Single date or multi date range
  • Adjustable to any delay length
  • Adjustable based on flight distance
  • Press reports. Thousands of sources are scanned on a daily basis to collect aviation related press articles.


What’s in it for you?

  • Direct access to the database for an overview of specific flights with the option to view more detailed information
  • Relevant additional data provided such as weather information, press information and airport analysis
  • Provides background data for extraordinary circumstances


More information?
Do you want more information about Flight Analyser 261? Please contact us via the contact form or email us via info@lennoc.com.

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